Little accidental shrines

  I have realized over the last year as I have been reorganizing my belongings I have these little mini shrines set up all over.  I am not just talking the religious part but the rest as well. 

This was scooted forward so my ranunculus could have window sun.  But here I have cats because they are important to me.  The shell because it reminds me to meditate and have down time for myself.  The little cat tin came from a dear friend and I smile and think of her every time I see it.  The paper weight has a naughty saying in it.  I made one for another dear friend and I think of her when I see my own.  The little alter holds various treasures.  Right now tiny crosses and hair pins. 

Why hair pins?  Because hair pins are fucking miraculous.  Not in their ability to hold hair.  The fact they can disappear from the universe at any given moment.  You can buy a package and the next day you have two in your hair and the rest are gone. 

Any how these little shrines I think are going to be a series of paintings.  I very much like the idea of capturing them before they inevitably shift and move and get altered. 

So what do your tiny accidental shrines look like?



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