My painting of Pavarotti chasing Princess Diana

So today I am just going to share one weird painting based of an event with my mother.  Here is the story. 

So you know there is this thing going on about The asshole Cheeto saying Pavarotti is his friend like the guy is still alive and was ever his friend. Well every time I hear about Pavarotti I have to share this story. Get comfortable this is a long but comical sort of one.
So my mother had hearing loss. She wore two hearing aids and did fine but every so often she would hear something wrong and just insist it was true or say it wrong even if you told her the problem. My guess is she had gotten very self conscious about it over time.
The day Princess Diana died I was in my late teens and working on some art in my bedroom. My mother knocked on my door and came in and said hey did you see that poor princess got killed in a car accident. Then she said it was because Pavarotti was chasing her. I said mom I think you mean the paparazzi. She rolled her eyes at me and said I just watched it on the news. So I just assumed she was saying it wrong as she sometimes did.
Several days go by and they are releasing information like how the paparazzi chasing her down was on a motorcycle and so on.
Eventually they have her funeral That morning our whole family just happened to be home and we had it on while we were relaxing and chatting about our weekend plans.
About that time Pavarotti walks into the funeral. As he gets close to the coffin he has a partial collapse and goes into tears.
We all kind of stopped chatting and looked. Each of us felt bad for him clearly they had been dear friends. Well everyone except my mother who said Yeah he should feel bad after what he did.
Stunned by the response from her and wondering what in the holy hell he did to deserve that response we made inquiry.
She then was shocked by our our compassion for him and explained Pavarotti not a small or young man had chased Princess Diana down the highway on a motorcycle because he was obsessed with her. She had always heard the word paparazzi as Pavarotti so she just thought he was a shifty fucker.
So once we all got done explaining and laughing hysterically I am left forever with the mental image of Pavarotti on a motorcycle flying down the highway after poor Princess Diana. He has a rose in his teeth despite also singing Figaro at her. There is a long red scarf flying over his shoulder and he is wearing some 1920s looking driving goggles. As well for no apparent reason he looks a good deal like John Rhys-Davies in my mind.

I hope that gave you a good laugh.  It is entirely true and the only way I know how to explain a painting about Pavarotti chasing down and causing the death of Princess Diana because of his obsession with her. 



PS. This painting may be available later for purchase right now I am looking into doing prints because it obviously has a substantial amount of sentimental value to me because of the subject matter. 

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