Tiny cats and tired as fuck

So it has been a while since I blogged on here.  While I have missed it the energy has simply not been there.  I could go on to explain the hows and why of my husband having been badly sick since October and my own list of crap and dealing with all our crap together but fuck it.  Just trust me it has been a perpetual up and down shit storm for about 6 months now with no shortness of shit in sight. 

However I don't want that to be all my blog is.  To have it just be a place to lay down my fears and such.  This is going to be about creating. 

So here is something new I learned creating.  I love trying things out in unconventional ways.  This little wood cat was created using pastel painting sticks.  I did not think they would work so well on wood and hold up to a clear coat of glaze.  But it did and I thought I would share that coolness with ya.                Lets leave this with a I will try to blog again soon.



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