What keeps you from going crazy as a cat with tape on a paw?

So when I blog I just share from my life.  Prepare to see an absurd amount of cats and dogs and random shit. 

Today I was thinking about how stressful the last few weeks have been for me personally.  Forget the stress everyone has been under since that orange fuckwit took over.

I am sharing what is keeping me sane right now.  My gardening.  I love watching stuff grown.  So here is my sanity slide show so to speak.  

So this is my day lily.  It has two buds and is the only thing I have left from an old garden.  I love when it blooms a deep burgundy flower.

Then we have   My wonderful friend Katie sent me this.  She knew I was improving the sniffing garden I had made for my old senior beagle boy who loved flowers.  She picked this out for him as a memorial flower.  It absolutely glows and I love it.  Makes me think of his sweet face and my lovely friend.

But gardening while it keeps me from going cat tape paw crazy also makes me work on my patience.  To get to the blooms and growing buds you have to wait and endure the starts.  That is when we have these. 

I hope you all got a good chuckle from this.  Feel free to share what keeps you sane too.  Love Cappy

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