About Us

My shop came about because I have horrible nightmares almost daily. For years I would get up and create to get over it. One day the husband said hey we need a bigger house or you have to start selling this stuff.
I entered a show and did well. Everyone told me to try Etsy so I did. Then I got lucky enough to be on Regretsy and at that point the cat was kind of out of the bag I am a nut in my creations and there is no point trying to pretend otherwise. That has been great for me because it left me without the slightest restraint when I create. I just do exactly what I feel.
Over the years my shop thanks to some really great friends and fans has grown and now I can proudly say that my work can be found on 4 continets, in the Regretsy book, has been featured on Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Salon, Flash News and a few other places. Got to be in some great shows one in New York which just put me over the moon.
So that is the story of my shop so far but my goal is to turn my little shop into the jumping off point for a little art world empire. That being said I would like it to grow but stay true to the outlandish humor never folding to the cupcake view of things when you take off all the real edge from the work. I hope to always be offending someone and making someone else laugh.
Cappy Sue
I can be found all over the internet by just searching Cappy Sue